Sunday, January 07, 2018

Tohle teď poslouchám - je to úžasné :) Zaposlouchala jsem se a nechala k sobě tu hudbu promlouvat a jednoduše jsem musela psát :)

Be kind to yourself
You want to last many years
Have children and tell them stories
Everything is okay, dear,
you can go to sleep
trusting that I'm here
You'll be just fine
Life prevails, it's a fact
Listen to the music of the world
So many thing happening at once
Always changing, always moving, always going forward...
- magical
I'm here beside you
every step of the way
Rest your weary head, soften, melt, become a river and flow
connect with the ocean
let the waves come and go
Touch the deep, deep bottom
with all its wonders
life you never knew was there before
And that's all
Breathe in, breathe out and repeat
Life is here
and it's magic

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